Governance and policy development icon

Governance & policy management

  • Development of compliant, well-written, useful policies
  • Support for newly converted academies
  • HR audits and advice
  • Establishing clarity of accountability at all levels
Grant finding and fund applications icon

Grant finding & fund applications

  • Grant research (trusts and foundations) 
  • Writing and submitting funding applications 
  • Support for schools and trusts submitting DfE fund applications
  • Coordination of monitoring and evaluation of funds
Strategic partnerships icon

Building strategic networks

  • Brokering formal partnerships between MATs, local authorities, school networks and other agencies
  • Developing communication and marketing strategies
  • Profile raising and reputation management
  • Advice on public affairs and community engagement
Research and development icon

Research & development

  • Action planning
  • Risk management and crisis support
  • Audits with realistic recommendations
  • Projects – from concept to delivery