World Mental Health Day 10th October

In advance of world Mental Health Day on the Tuesday, I’m pulling together some of the resources that might be of use to school staff.  There are lots about and I’ve just picked a few:

Supporting children and young people:

Mentally Healthy Schools provides a wide variety of information for primary schools whilst the Anna Freud Centre have just launched a free mental health resource targeted at 11-14 year olds which includes a whole range of resources including animations and assembly and lesson plans.

Supporting staff as school leaders

The Health and Safety Executive has recently written a ‘talking toolkit’ designed to be used as a framework to help line managers have simple, practical conversations with school employees about avoiding stress at work.

Focusing on you

I like this Guardian blog from a few years ago, full of things I know I should do, but never manage to fit into our day – no harm in trying again on the 10th!

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